St Marys Thistle

— St Marys Thistle

St Marys Thistle is native to countries in the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East. For many decades, Europeans have viewed St Marys Thistle as a ‘daily health insurance’ against environmental pollutants, over-the-counter drugs such as paracetamol and overindulgence in alcohol and rich foods.


* Supports a healthy liver and protects it from damage
* Improves liver function and detoxification
* Improves fatty liver disease
* Promotes healthy skin
* Protects the brain from age-related damage
* Helps to build bone density
* Supportive in cancer therapies
* Boosts breast milk production
* Decreases pimples, acne, and blemishes
* Lowers blood sugars
* Boosts metabolism and aids weight loss
* Improves mood disorders and depression
* Treats gallstones
* Reduces hangovers

Source: hydralongevity

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