Rhubarb Root

— Rhubarb Root

Rhubarb (scientific name Rheum rhabarbarum) is a vegetable that many people use like a fruit in cooking and recipes. Though native to Asia, it grows in other parts of the world, including the United States.

The leaves contain toxins and high concentrations of oxalic acid. The stalks themselves are fleshy, sour, and acidic. While you can eat them raw, many people prefer them cooked. 

Rhubarb has a long history, with roots in ancient Chinese medicine. It was also used in ancient Arab, Greek, and Roman civilizations. Today, it is popular in jams, pies, compotes, and even drinks. 

Rhubarb is an excellent source of Vitamin K which is an essential vitamin for bone health and blood clotting. The vitamin A in rhubarb may also help to fight free radicals that cause skin damage and premature ageing, keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful. It’s also high in antioxidants, and many other important vitamins and minerals that provide a variety of health benefits.

Source: Webmd

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