— Borage

Borage tea is believed to have some calming effects, useful for the treatment of nervous conditions, and the leaves are said to stimulate lactation in nursing mothers. It is thought good for reducing fever and restoring vitality during recovery from illness. Because it enhances perspiration, it is also thought to be of use in cleansing diets and detox programs.

Borage is a cooling, cleansing and refreshing herb with adaptogenic, demulcent, diuretic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties. Family herbalists use borage tea to restore strength during convalescence and as an adrenal tonic to balance and restore the health of the adrenal glands following periods of stress.

Just looking at the list of Borage’s properties should convince you that borage tea is something you can’t be without. It certainly does live up to its reputation as one of nature’s best stress tonics.


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