— Safflower

Safflower plant is renowned for a number of healing properties it contains. Organic safflower tea is used in traditional medicine as a remedy for a number of health conditions.

In Asia, safflower tea is drunk regularly by men and women of all ages as a preventative measure; its healing benefits reduce cholesterol build-up in arteries, and thins the blood reducing risk of strokes, while depositing antioxidants in the blood to boost the immune system.

The safflower plant is much like a thistle in its physical makeup. For thousands of years, safflower was mostly used for its beautifully vivid colour. The bright yellows and reds of the plant were cultivated as a multipurpose dye, items dyed by the safflower plant were usually items of value, and often used in religious ceremonies. It was primarily known as a source of dye rather than for its health benefits as a tea or oil.

Organic safflower tea is an ideal drink for those who want to relax, enjoy the aroma, and also know that what they are drinking is helping improve their overall health.

Safflower is one of the ingredients of OzTea Royal Blend and Peachy Green!


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